D&H - is the alternative the services
of ready meals delivery.

Hello, dear readers!

We are the team of D&H and we collect funds for the realization of the D&H franchise (Delivery by drones and Humans). Please give a few minutes of your attention and read our idea.

D&H is the alternative to the services of ready meals delivery.

The project is adapted for resorts with open territories. You can order a ready-made dish online or with QR-Code, which can be found in the large menu - books near you. After the order you will receive a text message with the time of delivery. At the specified time the delivery drone arrives, navigating by the GPS navigator, and brings your order.

How everything occurs:

Delivery by Human

The second part of the franchise is a portable trade. For the portable trade is needed from 6 implementers, who will be divided into several pairs. Each pair will compete with other pairs for the number of sales.

The competition will be hold for 2 weeks. After the end of the competition, a couple, who sold more goods than others, receives a cash bonus. Thus, the teams receive additional motivation.

For realization of the competition, a specially developed software "D&H seller" is used. The software helps to provide automated control for the sale of products, as well as objectively determine the winner according to a predetermined algorithm.

The "D&H seller" software is a database, which consist of :

1Configuration sheet
The configuration sheet contains the product names, cost, names
and surnames of the implementers.
2Summary table
The summary table contains information about the team, points,
salary, profit, costs.
Sorting and displaying the results of the competition - it is
the service tables of the database, which are responsible for displaying
information and sorting by the number of points.
4Displaying the results of the competition
The page, which is responsible for displaying the results of the
5Database pages for each day
The base pages for each day contain a structure, in which there are
fields: the goods received and the remainder. The database
calculates the difference of the sold goods for each team.
In order for teams to see their points, the results are output on the external monitor. Thus, participants receive up-to-date information about their points, the number of days left before the end of the competition, and it helps them to get motivation for the active trading.

The franchise can be adapted to the region, in which it will be realized. Franchisee can change the menu assortment to his own, registers new qr-codes for his assortment.
Advantages of the franchise: